Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Devil Likes Tips / Cappuccino on your car

Here is a new painting I made:

And I figured I'd post something on here non-tatoo reltaed, other than I was driving to work.

Today I was getting some frames, and decided to check another store. My girlfriend was with me and decided we should drive to this one place on the way to my work and she would just drop me off and pick me up later. She wasn't paying attention when the one light turned green and some crazy woman behind us started blaring her horn and giving us the finger.

So my girlfriend decided to drive slow, and the woman went crazy and got in front of us and swerved back on forth inbetween 2 lanes without stopping so no one could pass her. Literally back and forth; not one lane for a minuite than the next, it was lane to lane like she was just driving on a winding road.

Well after we had a few words at the next red light and I told her I was going to rip her brain out through her eye sockets; and after I tried throwing my cappuccino at her but in a fit of rage squeezed it so hard that the top burst off and it spilt all over myself; we got behind her at a red light. My good companion then parked the car, got out, walked up to her car calmly and dumped her cappuccino all over the front window, side and back of the car. We then got back in the car and continued on our way. The woman had nothing left to say and remained in her vehicle.

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