Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My good friend Mike from River City Extension came in and we did this tribute to his cat, Babbette. He gave me a rough sketch of the cat and let me do whatever else I wanted, so I shape dit up a bit, threw in a banner, roses, etc. Thanks for leting me do this one, had alot of fun.

Check his band out,


  1. i dig this one. you have a very traditional traditional style which i like. and yes i meant to write traditional twice.

  2. haha thanks alot man, im glad you like it. had alot of fun with this one because he let me draw whatever i wanted based off this sketch of his cat and he let me go free with the coloring, which most people seem to tell me what colors they want, how rediculous, people knowing want they want forever haha, stay in touch. like your paintings alot man